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Become a Host Family: Welcome

Host and Buddy Families

Hosts play a pivotal role in the program by providing a loving and attentive home, and participating in the daily program. As a host family, you are the veteran’s “home base,” offering lodging, breakfast daily, occasional dinners, as well as transportation to a daily meeting site and from a pick-up point. There is a multitude of event participation that your family will absolutely want to attend and keep every opportunity to be with your Veteran. Hosting is the greatest "Mitzvah" you can provide enhanced by sharing responsibilities with your chosen Buddy Family.

Time Commitment

Two weeks in mid May, in addition to planning and debriefing sessions.


  • Housing (Hosts only)

  • Buddy families support host families.

  • Participate in daily events.

  • Relationships with veterans.


  • Live in Squirrel Hill Metro.

  • Comprehensive availability for two-week trip.

  • Jewish community affiliation.

  • Shared passion for healing wounded IDF vets.

Become a Host Family: Text
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